If the finale is Goku vs Saitama or superman

2021.12.03 13:18 Equivalent-End-7641 If the finale is Goku vs Saitama or superman

If the finale is Goku vs Saitama or superman
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2021.12.03 13:18 NYtoDallas Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Has anyone else switched to this method? I went to the Libre and it has improved my quality of life immensely so far! I work in a hospital so stopping to do finger pricks was rough. This I can just hold up my phone to the sensor on my arm quickly and all the data goes straight to my MFM.
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2021.12.03 13:18 MCClipss Would I be able to add an extra 8gb ram to this pc without taking out the old one

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2021.12.03 13:18 josiecol proud of this modern café build!

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2021.12.03 13:18 BullionExchanges Lot of 10 - 10 oz Italpreziosi Italian Silver Cast Bar .999 Fine (w/Assay)- As Low As $2.65 Per Oz Over Spot

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2021.12.03 13:18 sloDesu Got a surprise in the washroom

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2021.12.03 13:18 blacksoul08 Next Collab? (according to developers already on final stages of planning/negotiating)

I personally would go for Blazblue, since they just did Guilty Gear and it did awesomely, getting their other IP to make teams, would be fricking amazing. What would you choose? Or what do you believe is coming next?
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2021.12.03 13:18 linford316 Zekrom on me please show as online adding 5038 0980 6345

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2021.12.03 13:18 HairMetalLugia95 Hey so I'm looking for some help

So I have cerebral palsy so driving is bit dificult. I have a electric chair I use to cover longer distances mostly in school. This has a joystick andI have grown acustomed to it and have wondered if I could put a joystick in a van. I know hand controls exist but I know that could take forever to get through. anyone know a place I could get this done. somewhere around evansvile, jasper or vincense> I just need recomendations as I still need to finish school and am low on cash, thanks
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2021.12.03 13:18 kaanorkun F2 Saudi Arabian GP Sprint Race 1 Pole Position

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2021.12.03 13:18 Lasap Omicron variant found in at least 5 US states; Congress avoids shutdown after vaccine mandate clash: COVID-19 updates

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2021.12.03 13:18 bekessd Binding choices to numbers keys?

It is really cumbersome to menu through the choices everytime to select one, I like that many popular RPGs allow to press digits to hit choices directly which is really convenient, but for some reason this has been disabled while their own previous game has it. Is there way to enable the dialogue number bindings?
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2021.12.03 13:18 Magnetic_Moon what are some special phenotypic ratios should we memorize?

I just know monohybrid: het give 1:2:1
dihybrid: het gives 9:3:3:1

idk what else
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2021.12.03 13:18 platoee Brad Wilczek

Brad Wilczek
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2021.12.03 13:18 indecisiveasff does anyone have a database/ tables of all common data sets?

eg smth like:

school v important slightly imp not at all imp
and the same type of thing for ECs/ etc? ik there's one for demonstrated interest, but i was wondering about other parts of the app. thank you sm!!
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2021.12.03 13:18 missanthropocenex Totally random story about encountering Michael C. Hall once in real life

This a bit random but I thought this would be appreciated here. Years and years ago I lived in NYC, Brooklyn to be specific.
Around this time Dexter had already come out, I believe had already ended a few years prior. But I was always a huge fan of the series.
I went out with some friends to a random dive bar nearby to hang out.
I got there a little early and was the only one I knew there, so I decided to run to the restroom.
I get up from the bar and turn down the hallway toward the restroom. The corridor was this long dark hallway, underlit by these red lights that aim up, you can barely see as you walk. I’m striding down it when in from the side back door Michael C. Hall steps out into the hall.
I swear to god he was even wearing a button up long sleeve just like from the show and the hall light lit bathed him in this red glow.
I almost jumped out of skin it looked so much like a moment from the actual show my heart almost stopped right then and then. He walked straight past me and went out to the bar to meet someone.
I’ve heard he is fact the nicest guy ever IRL, but the hallway the lighting the clothing was perfect storm of “shit your pants” intimidating for a brief moment.
Later I also think this was after his cancer scare and it made me really happy to see he was in good health and looking so as well.
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2021.12.03 13:18 briangross40 Frugal owners

Just because we own Tesla's doesn't mean we don’t enjoy free juice. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
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2021.12.03 13:18 Major-Opportunity409 Acrylic painting on canvas step by step https://youtu.be/n5-fR_be60A

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2021.12.03 13:18 Timeessences Corruption Laser Eyes

Hello all! I'm part of a low pop server and every day we are getting closer and closer to beating our first invasion. I believe we have the strategy down, but one of the things we can't seem to figure out are the giant heads. We (many of the of the coordinators) keep telling everyone to only shoot the eyes and stop shooting the head once the eyes are down.
Question is: do the eyes respawn on their own without the heads dying? Usually we have someone keep shooting the eyes. But last night we were watching and no one was shooting yet the eyes respawned? Also, any tips/advice anyone has on defeating them and other rotational suggestions please let me know! Thanks all 🙂
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2021.12.03 13:18 kdawg_thetruth Is there a way to add extra reactions to Teams?

We need an Emphasis reaction
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2021.12.03 13:18 TheSmoothPilsner Truer words have never been spoken

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2021.12.03 13:18 ilberboii Whomst has awakened the tanqr fan

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2021.12.03 13:18 Insanebrain247 Nyanners, is that you?

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2021.12.03 13:18 BlazingDrake75 Pollo👍

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2021.12.03 13:18 ilikemypenisandhis2 NEWS JUST IN!!!

Safemoon is a scam!!
Like a big pink truck, nobody saw that coming.
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