How do you deal with people that are just extremely rude?

2021.12.03 13:56 dwardu2255 How do you deal with people that are just extremely rude?

I always feel as though SA ends up putting me into a dead-end in these kinds of situations, my intial reaction in these situations is to either tense/freeze up and just absorb what they're telling me. I'll end up bottling this up for AGES after the interaction happens and either think of a comeback when it's too late or just have flashbacks to the moment, they would be so vivid I'd be feeling the exact same pain again even years later.
Say you're being teased/insulted whatever by someone, how can you even comeback against them? A lot of the time these people take advantage since they know you have some "moments" when socialising or standing up for yourself, so even if you try, it's like you automatically lose either way.
A couple of examples I could give; 1. Being the butt of a joke in a friend group, since they know you probably won't really counter the joke? 2. Having someone "sneak-diss" you for their own amusement? 3. Having a person ignore you over other people since they assume you're too "sensitive" 4. Being directly insulted and called something like an "idiot", "stupid" and so on.. you heard this right by the way, had a "Teacher" that used to do this to me, I just used to pucker up and laugh when he did this, the one time I snapped and cried he said "Ah you're too sensitive it seems"

Thanks folks.
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2021.12.03 13:56 imperialsquirrel I'm tired

Yesterday I worked for 8hs, no break because work has been insane even though I'm supposed to be winding down and handing over in preparation for mat leave (I'm 34 weeks today). I know that's not that long hours compared to what some mamas have to work and honestly hats off to ya because I was exhausted after that. I don't think I stood up and looked away from my computer for 6hs which tells you how dehydrated I must have been.
Anyway, after work husband is trying to make me feel better and runs us a bath but then spends most of the time in the bath worrying at me about the state of the world. We've already talked about how I can't handle that kind of chat right now... I'm kinda creating a new human here and it makes me so anxious to think about his future. All I can do is focus on right now. Recently my wonderful husband who is generally amazing has been sucked into a bunch of conspiracy theories about you know what and is almost anti-vax (he is fully vaccinated but he did NOT want to be) and it is exhausting to constantly have to try to recentre him in reality. Like dude, I am TIRED. I'm growing a human, I just worked my ass off, I have SPD so I'm pretty much always in pain, I can't sleep properly and I'm always uncomfortable. I just don't have the energy to also reassure you (unsuccessfully because whatever I say he just won't hear it) that vaccines aren't a global plot to execute massive population control and that we'll all be dead in 2 years. And also, if he really thought that, WHY THE HELL DID WE START TRYING FOR A BABY 8 MONTHS AGO?!
I took a day off work today and I've spent the morning sending him articles debunking the theories he's worrying about because apparently I need to help him feel better. Yay vacation!
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2021.12.03 13:56 mayormaynotbelurking Help with hand-embroidered breads and pastry designs

Hello! I want to start a new project that will be a birthday gift for my brother! He is an excellent baker so I want to give him an apron with lots of bread loafs and various pastries embroidered all over!
I feel like I am good at embroidery technique, but I have little to no artistic vision. I can't draw for my life. I've looked for pastry designs on Etsy, but everything is for machine embroidery and I'm not sure how well it would translate. Can anybody help me? Does anyone know of any patterns I could trace, or where to look for other resources? Or if anyone is really bored and would like to make some designs for me, I would be thrilled to pay for your work!
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2021.12.03 13:56 WaZ606 For anyone having issues making custom games, this is how.

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2021.12.03 13:56 DaMikey_ Been zerging every night for weeks. Almost max WM. I feel bad for crafters

I’ve been running elite chest with a large group for weeks now. I’ve been selling all the gear and blue regents to crafters making thousands of gold. I’m at 590+ wm on most pieces. Even I feel bad for the crafters after reading the dev blog. I mean not enough to quit but I feel bad.
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2021.12.03 13:56 higupiggu I’m so excited to use all these goodies for my journaling!

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2021.12.03 13:56 DevilVengeance Weird interaction between Innovators' Self-Repair Augment and Ornn's Collector

I just have a game where my Collector doing some crazy thing that brought me the win.
Don't know if this is a bug or intended, but the Collector from my Kog'Maw get 2 gold from killing the Innovator Self-Repair Unit (in this case a Bear). And as the Bear is revival (and both of the team are defensive-oriented), I killed it 4 or 5 times in a combat, which result in me getting like 15-20 gold that round and eventually winning the game.
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2021.12.03 13:56 Armatalos_Antras Not able to kms within one shot of spike GL, why?

I've just been trying to farm legendary shards with on of the most efficient ways I can at the moment, but I'm stuck about one thing.
In this video, you see Marshix explaining everything you need to be able to do this farm within the rifleman mission of the forsaken campaign. However, you also see that he looks down and kills himself within one shot of the spike grenade 150 GL Outrageous Fortune. I'm not able to do this and I'm starting to wonder, why? It takes me 2 hits to die.
Thanks for answering in advance!
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2021.12.03 13:56 browngirllover282 😍

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2021.12.03 13:56 shoha12345 10 NFT Giveaway - Upvote and Drop your Address!

10 NFT Giveaway - Upvote and Drop your Address! Become a part of a community on pre-launch! Quick NFT airdrop? Watch more:
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2021.12.03 13:56 ksbisht941 How To Create Image Overlay Hover Effect Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript | Speed Code

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2021.12.03 13:56 Itchy-Memory7226 two more pieces to add to my portfolio :)

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2021.12.03 13:56 hoosey- Why does the 1:30 second breath hold feel about 30 seconds long?

Time literally flies when I do the breathing, comparing it to how slow time goes when doing a plank is insane
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2021.12.03 13:56 misterbrightside85 Help with identifying a vehicle (1980’s).

Hoping this group could help with something I’ve been looking for a long time. I can distinctly remember all the details below.
Early 80’s- 1981-1985 I would guess.
I had a green jet, single pilot, one missile on end of each wing and under each wing were two bombs that you could drop with a switch on top of the wing.
It was not GI Joe (GI Joe clone 3 3/4) and was bought at Toys r Us. I thought maybe Sgt. Rock but I can’t find any jets from that line.
I figure if anyone can help it’s in this group!
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2021.12.03 13:56 MarcusLu Zekrom on me! 8949 8032 8866 getting 10 people

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2021.12.03 13:56 Extra_Document BOOTCAMP ROM

As the title says, I’m curious about how Quarantine works in bootcamp. I know that if you have the vaccine done two weeks before bootcamp then you skip ROM. But due to a time crunch from the time of joining DEP to shipping out December 8th I didn’t have time to get the vaccine fully done.
I’m just curious how ROM will work since it’s now at Great Lakes? Best way to make time pass? Can you talk to other people in ROM ? Or even write letters to family?? Any kind of information helps. Thank you!
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2021.12.03 13:56 ysandre0096 21F Scotland/Online looking for other alternative people+SC mates. Pictures on my page and happy to verify 😌🖤

Hi! So as the title says im looking to find people of similar interests to build long term friendships with, who I can also have a laugh w, and maybe play some games down the line! Interests include tattoos/piercings/body mods, the paranormal and creepy bits in general, exploring abandoned places w my dog, light gaming please don't message if this is the only interest we share, as its such a broad spectrum!, anything to do with alternative fashion/makeup, also part of the LGBT/alternative community. Sorry if I've missed anything out, any questions feel free to shoot them at me! Happy to talk to people regardless of gendelocation, but please be within the age bracket of 18-25 please also be respectful of this, as looking to talk to people close in age to myself!. If you think we'd get on feel free to message or chat me with your ASL, thanks for reading 😌edit;NO NSFW.
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2021.12.03 13:56 Ornery-Plan-6632 📣LIVE AMA with DOXXED CEO Starting Now ⏳cryptoisland_group

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2021.12.03 13:56 samircorleone This is part 3. On the album Mr. Scarface Is Back the first song is called Mr. Scarface. So I assume that is part 1 but what is part 2 then?

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2021.12.03 13:56 PipecleanerFanatic Love my 2003 I inherited from my dad, it's become my desert rat vehicle, comfy to sleep in! Goal is to make it to 300K!

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2021.12.03 13:56 HENNEYE Berliner Polizist posiert grinsend neben schwarzem Gefangenen

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2021.12.03 13:56 Trick_Possibility521 Crazy Crypto Experience LMK

I started investing about 3 years ago and I knew nothing about crypto but then I found this sub Reddit which was great but I mean the amount of BS you hear on this is crazy. Anyways, I got some pretty good information and I put a shit-ton of money into ALGO and made about $800,000 which was crazy for me. I took my profits and decided to use my profits to invest even more and that's where I went completely fucking wrong. I put a lot into Shitcoins trying to make quick gains and I lost about $350,000 doing that. I was so pissed and then I decided to put money into AVAX which was good but I took my profits when I had $10k profits instead of holding and then I put more into it at its peak and I lost another $77k. Im basically moving backwards at this point and am just giving money away into the market lmfao.
I now need some advice on what to allocate my money into because I want to keep in the crypto market but I don't want to make dumb trades and then end up with nothing. Lmk what u guys think I should put money into
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2021.12.03 13:56 SilencedDiscipline 33M San Diego, looking for friends or chats! I am available most of the day

I am once again chilling today in sunny San Diego, at my desk while working, and looking to multitask!
I am into deep chats, small talk, unload your troubles on me, whatever fits the bill! I spend most of my free time playing music, listening to music, binge watching sci fi shows, and gaming on Xbox and VR, but am capable of chatting often throughout the day.
Ghosts welcome, as I have no expectation from these posts other than to pass some time, but I am more than willing to keep up a good friendship.
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2021.12.03 13:56 Davewehr18214 OG + mini > mini + OG

I have several automations that play music to both my mini pair in the kitchen and the OG pair in my living room. This mostly works well but at times one room will temporarily cut out (usually the living room) and some days can be worse than others.
In the airplay menu it shows Kitchen + Living Room.
I’ve noticed if I deselect the kitchen speakers it shows Kitchen -> Living Room which tells me the audio source (or “host”) is the kitchen.
If I force the audio source to be the living room (now the OG pair is the “host”) and add the kitchen mini pair, it plays perfectly every time with no interruptions or audio cut-outs.
So three questions:
Has anyone else noticed this?
Why are the minis a less effective host compared to the OGs?
Is there a way to force the OG into “host mode” as part of the automation so that the OGs are always the audio source?
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2021.12.03 13:56 BobTheColored I drew the Demon GF! (I hope someone animate this)

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