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Epoch 305 Update!!

2021.12.03 12:32 TeqWyse Epoch 305 Update!!

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2021.12.03 12:32 bikingfencer Acts 18 - plans for the Temple complete

Chapter Twenty-eight – David assigns [מפקיד, MahPhQeeYD] [את, ’ehTh, indicator of direct object; no English equivalent] activity [of] building in the hands of ShLoMoH ["His Peace", Solomon]
“In conclusion the Chronicler was free to reason what the last words of David should have been – David, obedient to prophets, a king who had done all in his power to provide beforehand for the erection of the temple and the right ordering of the worship there to be offered.” (Elmslie, 1954, p. III 434)
“Our view… acknowledges a strong recent trend to claim that Solomon is exalted in Chr even above David (or the Ark, or Zion) as the principal pivot in the whole structure of the book… ‘… the David-Solomon transition is modeled on Moses-Joshua…’ Zalewski, S., 1981…” (Robert North, 1990, p. 370)

  1. And assembled, David, [את, ’ehTh] all [the] principals [סרי, ÇahRaY] of YeeSRah-’ayL [“Strove God”, Israel]: principals of the tribes, and principles of the divisions [of] the ministers [of] the king, and principles of the thousands, and principles of the hundreds, and principles of all [the] property [רכוש, ReKhOoSh] and acquisition [ומקנה, OoMeeQNeH] to [the] king and to his sons, with the eunuchs and the braves, and to every brave [of] [the] force[s] unto Jerusalem.
Up until here I’ve been putting consistency before “translation” regarding the word שר SahR “chief, leader, captain, general, prefect ǁ prince, noble ǁ ruler, high official ǁ patron angel” (Reuben Avinoam (Grossmann), 1960), always using “prince”. Since “prince” is impossible in this context, I have introduced “principal”; this is a linguistic signpost of the separation in time of this book from earlier books of the Bible.
  1. And rose, David the king, upon his legs, and said, “Hear me my brethren and my people, I am with my heart to build a house [of] rest to [the] ark [of] [the] covenant of YHVH, and to the footstool [ולהדם, VeLahHahDoM] [of] [the] legs of our Gods, and I have prepared to build.
  2. And the Gods said to me, ‘Do not build [the] house to my name, for a man [of] wars are you, and bloods you spilled.’
  3. And chose, YHVH, Gods of YeeSRah-’ayL, in me, from all [the] house [of] my father, to be to king upon YeeSRah-’ayL to [the] world, for in YeHOo-DaH [“YHVH Knew”, Judah] he chose to lead. And in [the] house [of] YeHOo-DaH , house [of] my father, and in sons of my father, in me He wanted to king upon all YeeSRah-’ayL.
  4. And from all my sons, (for multitudinous are [the] sons given to me [by] YHVH), and He chose in ShLoMoH, my son, to sit upon [the] chair [of] [the] kingdom [of] YHVH, upon YeeSRah-’ayL.
“David’s inability to cope with the intrigues of his four principal heirs, which fills eight chapters from 2 Sam [Samuel] 13 to 1 Kgs [Kings] 2, is reduced to the claim ‘God gave me many sons, but chose Solomon among them.’” (Robert North, 1990, p. 371)
“Contrast this idyllic pronouncement with the horrible facts in I Kings 1:1-2:46 (unmentioned by the Chronicler) concerning the palace intrigues, the murderous violence, through which Solomon secured to himself the throne.” (Elmslie, 1954, p. III 435)
  1. “And He said to me,
‘ShLoMoH, your son, he will build my house and my courtyards, for I have chosen in him to me to son, and I will be to him to father. 7. And I have prepared [את, ’ehTh] his kingship until to [the] world, if he strengthens [יחזק, YehHehZahQ] to do my commandments and judgments as of [כי-, KeeY] day the this.’
  1. And now, to the eyes of all YeeSRah-’ayL, assembly of YHVH, and in ears of our Gods, guard and search [ודרשו, VeDahRShOo] all [the] commandments ]of[ YHVH your Gods, so that [למען, LeMah`ahN] you dispossess [תירשו, TheeYRShOo] [את, ’ehTh] the land, the good, and bequeath [והנחלתם, VeHeeNHahLThehM] to your sons after you until [the] world.
  2. And you, ShLoMoH, my son, know [את, ’ehTh] Gods of your father, and slave [for] Him in a heart [of] peace and a soul desiring [חפץ, HahPhahTs], for all hearts seek YHVH, and all imagination [יצר, YayTsehR] of thought He understands. If you seek Him, He will be found to you, and if you leave Him, He will cast you off [יזניחך, YahZNeeYHahKhah] to until.
  3. See, now, that YHVH chose in you to build [the] house to holiness; strengthen and do.”
  4. And gave, David, to ShLoMoH, his son, [את, ’ehTh] plan [תבנית, ThahBNeeYTh] [for] the auditorium and [את, ’ehTh] its houses, and its archives [וגנזכיו, VeGahNZahKahYV], and its ascents, and its rooms the interior, and [the] house [of] the atonement [הכפרת, HaKahPoRehTh].
  5. And [the] plan [of] all that was in [the] spirit with him, to courtyards [of] House YHVH, and to all the chambers [הלשכות, HahLeShahKhOTh] around to stores [לחצרות, LeHahTsROTh] [of] the holiness.
“All that he had by the Spirit] ‘By the spirit of prophecy that was with him.’ Targum.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 523)
  1. And to [the] division [of] the priests and the Levites, and to all activity for slavery of House YHVH, and to all instruments of slavery of [the] House YHVH,
  2. to gold in weight to gold, to all [the] instruments of slaving, and slaving to all instruments, the silver in weight, to all instruments of slaving and slaving.
  3. And weight to candelabras [מנרות, MeNoROTh], the gold, and their lamps, gold in weight; candelabra and candelabra.
“There was but one chandelier in the tabernacle; there were ten in the temple. See I Kings vii. 49.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 523)
  1. And [ואת, Ve’ehTh] the gold, weight to tables [of] the array, to table and table, and silver to the tables [of] the silver.
  2. And the forks [והמזלגות, VehahMeeZLahGOTh] and the basins [והמזרקות, VeHahMeeZRahQOTh] and the jugs [והקשות, VeHahQSahVoTh], gold pure [טהור, TahHOoR]; and to covers of [ולכפורי, VeLeeKhPhORaY] the gold in weight, to cover and cover; and to covers of the silver in weight, to cover and cover.
  3. And to [the] altar [of] the incense, gold pure [מזקק, MeZooQahQ], in weight; and to [the] plan [of] the chariot [of] the cherubs, gold, to spreads [of their wings], and [gold] leaf [וסככים, VeÇoKheKheeYM] upon [the] ark [of] [the] covenant [of] YHVH.
  4. The all in writing from [the] hand [of] YHVH upon schooling [השכיל, HeeSKeeYL] all activities of the plan.
  5. And said David to ShLoMoH, his son, “Strengthen and be courageous [ואמץ, Veh'ehMahTs] and do. Do not fear [תירא, TheeYRah'] and do not recoil [תחת, TheeHahTh], for YHVH, Gods, my Gods, is with you. He will not fail you [ירפך, YahRPeKhah] and will not leave you until to finish [לכלות, LeeKhahLOTh] all [the] activity of slavery of House YHVH.
“20. From Deut [Deuteronomy] 31:23…” (Robert North, 1990, p. 371)
“A summarizing sentence at the end of this verse has dropped out of the M.T. [Masoretic Text, the Hebrew Bible] and is preserved in the LXX [The Septuagint, the ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible].” (Elmslie, 1954, p. III 437)
  1. “And behold [the] division of the priests and the Levites to all slavery of [the] house [of] the Gods, and with you in every activity, to all willing [נדיב, NahDeeYB] in wisdom, and to all slaving, and the principles, and all the people to all your words.”
“21. From the reviser again, dragging in mention of the priests. How his words enfeeble David’s peroration!” (Elmslie, 1954, p. III 437)
for other posts see An Amateur's Journey Through the Bible
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2021.12.03 12:32 AgfaAPX100 I need to find help. I'd like someone to share this with. Anyone interested?

Hey people of reddit. I am at a really dark place at the moment and I finally think I NEED to get help. I have known that I SHOULD get help for years but now I am scared to reach a point where I would be willing to hurt myself so now I really HAVE to.
I tried therapy once (5 years ago) but I didn't really feel comfortable with the therapist. She made it pretty clear that she didn't take me seriously as I was struggling to really tell her what's going on.
This experiences kinda scared me to look again but I have to. Social Anxiety (especially being scared of phone calls) also makes it hard to really make an effort to look for and contact therapists.
Is there anyone who is also looking for help or has just found a therapist and wants to share their experiences with me? Maybe we can motivate eachother to keep looking and going to therapy. I have no one to really talk to which often makes me feel like there is no point in trying to get help as no one cares about me. So I would be really happy to have someone to share my (hopefully) progress with, and hear their story.
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2021.12.03 12:32 Narayanae A gentle reminder

That I'm not just the kid you remember, still talking about fun stuff and ideas and you. If you were sharp and wanted to, you might have learned my son's name before we fell out on Facebook. He'll be 10 on Christmas!
If you ever want to visit it, I have a world here of my own now. I think you'd like it.
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2021.12.03 12:32 ChrisGregoryT My illustration inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat”

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2021.12.03 12:32 Blackwolf_7 Hey guys new video is out do check out

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2021.12.03 12:32 mho3780 qui a des trucs sur elle (nudes,sextapes,photos,etc) ?

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2021.12.03 12:32 alonabc What is going on with this stock?

How are we at $1.16, many people say there will be a reversal but the fact that we got this low in the first place is pretty worrisome
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2021.12.03 12:32 sjehsbv Doea edging reduce androgen receptors?

Or do you need to orgasm for that?
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2021.12.03 12:32 spdorsey Do you enjoy the high desert, mountain biking, and Native American culture? Then please contribute to r/MoabUT! Moab needs you!

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2021.12.03 12:32 girldingus Does anyone have experience with an Employer offering a ’Deferred Compensation Plan’?

My employer is limiting my 401k contribution to 8% (matching 4%) and offering a Deferred Compensation Plan. I’ve enever had an employer block me from contributing the max $ amount to a 401k. Anyone have experience with a DCP??
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2021.12.03 12:32 _steveCollins Switching meds.

Asking because my doc hasn’t gotten back to me yet.
Because of insurance, I need to switch from Lantus to Levemir. Can I just move from the one to the other? Do I need to space it out a few days? I wouldn’t think so, but just wanted as much info as possible.
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2021.12.03 12:32 MrMacrobot When a wound is “infected” do they mean zombie infected or bacteria infected?

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2021.12.03 12:32 Thorvariuz Our Labrador Puppy is six months old today! Time flies!

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2021.12.03 12:32 Nidiocehai I have PTSD ask me anything about it and I’ll do my best to answer.

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