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Biden Attempts Victory Lap on Worst Jobs Report of Administration

2021.12.03 13:55 post-news Biden Attempts Victory Lap on Worst Jobs Report of Administration

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2021.12.03 13:55 Russelx42 Through easy-to-follow interfaces and error-free Smart Contracts, GDeFi enables smooth and fast transactions for farming, staking, lending, borrowing, and NFT applications.

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2021.12.03 13:55 ZzoCanada Is it true that you can't prone backwards in BF2042?

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2021.12.03 13:55 Half_Smashed_Face This is going to be tough to get through without crying

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2021.12.03 13:55 swagNextTuber Xbox Series X Restock Update for Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Target, Best Buy and More

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2021.12.03 13:55 themoonisntanything Elysian- alfred jones and the//moon

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2021.12.03 13:55 Unshiftable [PC/BROWSER][2000s] Science/planet development game on Discovery Channel website

This game had you running a planet. There were loads of technologies to choose from and I think the aim was to develop the green technologies. You had different resources like oil, coal, wind etc.
Also one planet went through a few players before going for final scoring. So if you started a new game you either got a new game or like someones save that you needed to either continue or fix. Quite like generations, we need to fix previous generations mistakes and make less for the one who come after.
It probably was only browser based.
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2021.12.03 13:55 Shonenink Compass tattoo I did. Done with a 3RL and 9MC

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2021.12.03 13:55 thegreatone998 What are some alternative approaches you can take when importing prospects from a CSV file

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2021.12.03 13:55 A330Alex Tram Extension Progress Video

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2021.12.03 13:55 thelakeshowdoe Looking for offers! Size XL Mens

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2021.12.03 13:55 One-Picture1903 God is so demanding you keep your arm up for 38 years to ask him for peace in the world. Where is the peace?

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2021.12.03 13:55 idontwantbadger We said goodbye to Priya the Prius this week

We said goodbye to Priya the Prius this week https://preview.redd.it/s0bsfdrhyc381.jpg?width=3024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=9c54f31f1895ebd6fd72d7f78eff6ab80f4b8bc1
I only had the pleasure of owning this little car since July 2020, but she was in the family for a decade prior.
Bought new in 2010 by my grandfather, who was so dedicated to combating climate change and limiting his carbon footprint that he sprung for a model with the gimmicky-and-arguably-useless solar panel roof (more on that later). My aunt took the car away from him after he had a stroke a few years later -- he recovered fully, and was frustrated that we wouldn't let him drive anymore, but realized the risks of having another stroke behind the wheel -- and then she passed it down to her daughter when she opted to lease a Nissan Leaf.
My cousin drove it two and from her teaching job in Boston for a few years, but at some point it was parked under and overpass and something fell on it, smashing the solar panel and causing leaks in the roof. She was going to donate it to NPR, and while I support the sentiment I saw an opportunity to land myself a free Prius in great shape (aside from the roof), just in time to travel around the US during the pandemic.
First thing I did was pop the hood, clear out years with of decomposing leaves blocking the engine compartment drains, and then put some Gorrilla Tape around the the edge of where the solar panel met the metal roof. Those two things stopped the leaks entirely. My girlfriend and I drove the car across the country three times in the last year, and up and down each coast once or twice, too. But I started to hear the waaa-waaaa-waaaa of a bad wheel bearing. I took it into the highest-rated independent Toyota mechanic in LA (shoutout to Affordable Car in Hollywood -- Stacey is an honest, stand up guy) and he told me that both rear wheel bearings were going bad, the left rear brake was dragging badly, and -- this is the kicker -- the underbody and suspension was so rusted out after being driven in Massachusetts for 10 years that he didn't think it could be fixed at all, at least not without costing more than the car was worth. That was NOT the news i was expecting to hear when I dropped it off knowing that the sound I was hearing was just a wheel bearing issue.
I called around, found a company that was willing to give me $2,000 for the car, including free pickup, and scheduled it. The day before the came I found an old Volvo that had been well taken care of and was being sold by a nice family for a great price. Sad to see the Prius go like this, and still adjusting to the price at the pump now, but I have to say it feels good to drive a car that is quiet and runs perfectly.
Anyway, I wanted to share my appreciation for Priya the Prius with some folks who get it. Apologies for the long post!
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2021.12.03 13:55 Primnu Voxi website rarely ever works

I'm surprised Voxi has any customers at all with how often the website is broken and how much trouble you have to go through to make a purchase.
I can only ever renew my plan by contacting support to get them to do it because payment through bank/paypal never works with a "Ups, something went wrong" error.
I also can rarely ever check my remaining balance or account details because when I attempt to login it says my username/password is incorrect.
If I am able to login, it requires me to input a code they text to me, but the text is rarely ever received, and even when it is received I get an error saying my username/password is incorrect or "That didn't work as expected" after I input the code.
Voxi's webdev team are incredibly incompetent with all these issues.
I recently switched to Voxi from Three because Three sucks, but Voxi is just as bad.
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2021.12.03 13:55 SlackerDao Riftsin Guide: A Thousand Points of Fight

[I wrote this guide after seeing a lot of people interested in Riftsins, but being worried they were too expensive to get into. Reddit is not a great medium for long guides, but I really don't any other forums or social media anymore, so... enjoy?]
Please begin this thread by taking a quick survey:

  1. Do you have a Gul rune, and no idea what to do with it?
  2. When asked "what type of damage does your character do?", do you want your answer to be "yes"?
  3. Do you like blinding people by filling their screens with almost every visual effect in the Diablo 2 database?
If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then a Riftsin might be just the class for you!
So, what is a Riftsin? Riftsins are Assassins who pair Dragon Talon with the "Rift" runeword. It's a very simple, but very effective build that can easily go from "carnival sideshow" to "capable Uber killer" with just a few gear swaps. The core build can be done by the time you can make Rift at level 53, which gives you an enormous amount of flexibility to customize the character to your style of play,
What are some of the other benefits of Riftsins?
  1. At a minimum you inflict Physical, Fire, Lightning, and Magic damage along with Crushing Blow; with skills/gear you can add Poison, and even more Fire and Lightning. This build literally inflicts every damage type in the game, which means there is nothing you cannot kill by yourself.
  2. The basic gear needed to be effective is easy to find or make, and top-end gear can be very affordable and scaled to your price range. (The Gul rune needed for Rift being the one notable exception.)
  3. With the recommended build you are ridiculously tanky: 75% block, 50% physical damage reduction, maxed resistances, and a high chance to proc Life Tap. If you're some moneybags richy-rich type with a Call to Arms weapon on swap you're probably nigh-unkillable.
  4. It's... really fun to watch. As you kick you send Frozen Orbs, Tornadoes, and Firestorms (if you have a Hellfire Torch) across the screen, while your traps are shooting lighting blasts and blowing up corpses. You're basically a one-woman glam-rock concert.
So let's talk about the build! (But before we do: a caveat. I am not a hardcore number-crunching mix-maxer, so it's entirely probable that someone will come along and tell you my stats/skills/gear are crap because X will get you 3% more efficiency than Y. If that happens... well, pick whatever sounds more convincing to you.)
The core skills of the Riftsin are:
That's a mere 47 points! At that point, you can start to customize. I'll cover some popular options below:
While you could skip these, you're passing up on a lot if you do. Cloak of Shadows is useful against ranged mobs, Mind Blast helps break up enemy packs, and Shadow WarrioMaster are free and effective tanks. None of these need more than one point invested (with two exceptions noted below). I personally skipped Mind Blast, because the Shadow Master uses it constantly.
While this is technically optional, it's very hard to argue against maxing this skill out, as it adds a nice chunk of damage (and another damage type!) to your kicks. See the Gear section for one important caveat on this skill.
The "magic number" for Shadow Master is level 17; that's when her pre-generated gear includes a rare-quality amulet. While it's not critical, having her at a high level greatly improves her ability to tank for you, so if you can't get to 17 total points with only 1 hard point invested, it can be worth considering adding points to get her to 17.
This skill comes in handy if you don't have another form of teleportation, and want to attack a specific mob through an enemy pack (such as champion or boss mobs, or mobs that heal/respawn others). Generally worth it for the small skill point investment, unless you have an Enigma equipped.
Death Sentry is your source of AoE damage, and Fire Blast enables DS to shoot additional times. (Default DS shoots 5 times per cast; FB adds +1 shot for each 3 points allocated.) If you're not going to lean into Lightning Sentry this is worth investing in, as your DS becomes you only AoE source and this helps it shoot more.
This gives you more of a KickeTrapper hybrid; while your Lightning damage won't be as strong as a pure Trapper, it'll be enough to make an impact. (This will also make the Lightning damage from DS stronger, as well.) If you go this route, consider putting no extra points into Fire Blast, and spending leftover points in Shock Web or Charged Bolt Sentry for the LS synergy.
Blade Shield is an interesting one. You're not taking it for the damage - you're taking it because it can trigger "On Attack" procs (such as your Frozen Orbs from Rift). Additional points are for extending the duration; the damage is irrelevant.
Any of the above options are perfectly viable, so find your flavor of ass-kicking and pick accordingly.
Here's where it gets fun! There are a lot of options to consider, and its very easy to get a Riftsin started on even a fairly tight budget. I'll list intro gear, standard gear, and "top-end" items; keep in mind my earlier caveat that these selections are not number-crunched to death, so there's probably some optionality in either direction.
A note on Treachery. This is the Assassin "class runeword", and it's a really good one. Ridiculous +IAS, +2 skills - it's highly recommended for any leveling Assassin. There's just one catch: It has a chance to proc both Fade and Venom (at level 15), which will overwrite both of your own cast versions (as well as Burst of Speed) when it does. Early on this could be a good thing, but eventually it could become a nuisance.
If you decide you want to use Treachery as your "endgame armor", you can consider not putting any points into Venom, and just using the level 15 proc from the armor. It'll be less powerful than your cast version, but it'll also save you 20 skill points for stuff like Lightning Sentry synergies. (So this is a solid option for a more Trap-focused Riftsin, but not so much for a kick-focused build.)
As a side comment: Treachery is a great Merc armor, so it's worth making it for yourself and then giving it to your merc when you're done with it.
At level 20, Dragon Talon gives you 4 kicks per attack. At level 24, that goes up to 5, and at level 30 you get 6 kicks per attack. Level 24 can be achieved with even starter gear; while level 30 is achievable it will require end-game gear and a +MA skill charm or two, so don't break your bank to hit that rank unless you're rich and bored.
Faster attacks = more kicks per second. More kicks per second = more procs. More procs = more fun. Here's how that looks when you're wielding a Rift War Scepter:
IAS Attack Speed Frames Attacks/Second
0 4/4/4/4/11 4.62
10 4/4/4/4/10 4.8
30 3/3/3/3/9 5.95
50 3/3/3/3/8 6.25
95 3/3/3/3/7 6.57
As you can see, just 30 IAS adds one more attack per second - a huge improvement! And one that is easily achieved wearing Treachery, or getting IAS from gloves, belt, or jewels.
From 30 to 95 you can eke out another half kick per second. It may not seem like much, but over time it'll add up. However, a casual glance at your gear should suggest to you that getting 95 IAS is damn near impossible without sacrificing quite a bit. So how do we get there?
Enter Burst of Speed. With just a level 9 BoS (easily achieved by using the entry-level gear in this guide), your IAS table suddenly looks much sexier:
IAS Attack Speed Frames Attacks/Second
0 3/3/3/3/8 6.25
10 3/3/3/3/7 6.57
Suddenly that six-and-a-half kick beatdown looks much more achievable!
The takeaway here? You want to be using Burst of Speed as much as possible instead of Fade. Even in Hell difficulty you really only need high Lightning resists; the rest can be healed through with enough life leech, Life Tap, or health pots.
Crushing Blow is key to good Kicker builds, and we're no exception. While we aren't quite as reliant on it as a pure kicker (because we do all damage types), it nevertheless helps immensely against tough mobs or in high player-count games.
So how much is enough? I only use the 15% from Gore Riders in my build, and I find that's enough for casual play. We kick so fast that 15% procs frequently, and with my traps and other procs things fall over just fine.
That said, I should probably sneak a bit more into my build (and so should you); try for something between 25% and 50% to give your kicks plenty of crushy goodness. (You could go higher, of course; just make sure you aren't sacrificing other key buffs or bonuses to do so.)
This is the equivalent of "Resist Physical", and it reduces damage by a flat amount. (I.e. - if you have "Damage Reduced by 10%" you'll take 10% less damage. I'm sure the math is more complicated, but that's the gist of it.
Unless elemental resistance, this value is capped at 50%. This is important to us, because several recommended pieces of our gear provide Damage Reduced by x%, and we want to be mindful we're not overcapping it.
As a quick reference point, here's where we'll see this pop up in our build:
Item DR x%
Stormshield 35%
String of Ears 10%-15%
Chains of Honor 8%
Fade 1% per point of Fade
So keep in mind if you're using Stormshield and, say, level 15 Fade that's your 50% right there. It can be reduced (by Decrepify and Amplify Damage, for example), but it's probably not worth stacking just for those scenarios.
That's the guide! Thank you for reading this far; I give all credit to the great Riftsin guides from 10+ years ago that inspired me to experiment with my first ever Gul drop.
If you liked my guide then please wish me luck as I plum the depths of MFing hell looking for my first Ber rune. It's an open race to see what gets me first: carpal tunnel killing my wrist, or a descent into madness as I build a throne out of discarded Isenhart's Cases and Ichorstings.
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2021.12.03 13:55 SomeRandomRealtor What is Pete Davidson’s appeal? How is he so popular?

I get people will like things that others don’t. There are trends others will like that I’ll never understand. I just genuinely don’t understand how Pete Davidson became the biggest star on SNL and is a social icon now. Maybe there’s something I’m missing, but it’s not that I don’t enjoy him, it’s that other people can’t stop enjoying him that confuses me.
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2021.12.03 13:55 KapitanPepe Ob sumu na stik z osebo, okuženo z omikronom, karantena tudi za cepljene in prebolevnike

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2021.12.03 13:55 Jonah_Lesitt Congratulations & obligatory f/u to the DOCU guy

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2021.12.03 13:55 gwmiles Prosecutor charges parents of Oxford High suspect with involuntary manslaughter

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2021.12.03 13:55 lerthedc Helpful Advice

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2021.12.03 13:55 thevoiceofzeke What's your favorite downtown location for private(ish) parties?

The Argus basement is perfect for this. You can reserve it for a large group and have access to the basement bar, pool tables, seating, etc. I don't know anywhere else downtown that offers something similar (or with a similar atmosphere).
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2021.12.03 13:55 Traditional-Day-4955 What is GMKs email to send for PayPal?

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2021.12.03 13:55 browngirllover282 🍑

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2021.12.03 13:55 djester1994 Returning Multiple Results from a range of criteria using Unique(Filter(

I have my look up value criteria in cells B1:B4. I have the look up range in Sheet1!A1:A3052.

This formula below works,


but is there a way to simplify the "include" part of the Filter function to just call out a range, rather than each specific cell? This is currently the "include" criteria of the Filter function:

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2021.12.03 13:55 jonathansymes This is such bull****

I swear this game is BEYOND buggy. I have the panther right now and there were two guards within close proximity. I ordered her (oluso) to go into a bush then ordered her to take down a guard. And she did whilst they weren’t aware of her and it the requirement to unlock most of okú didn’t go up by 1 if literally fucking infuriating at this point as I’m trying to get it done and it takes the piss that it requires you to do this 50!! Times.
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