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hey here's a project i've been looking forward too

2021.12.03 13:54 lxand3r hey here's a project i've been looking forward too

hey here's a project i've been looking forward too hey here's a project i've been looking forward too
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2021.12.03 13:54 KitchenAd3097 3 Eb7 Licks - Jazz Funk

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2021.12.03 13:54 shroommyBoom Nice.

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2021.12.03 13:54 MrTankerson Game dev (Zin_Ramu) confirms watermarks will not be reset.

“We’ve seen this question pop up a lot since the post and to clarify, your HWM progression will not be reset and any HWM you had earned will be converted to Expertise. Thanks for your feedback so far!”
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2021.12.03 13:54 SuperJackson20 600HP BMW M5 E39 SUPERCHARGED 100-300 ACCELERATION & INSANE SOUND by AutoTopNL

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2021.12.03 13:54 Gutch220 What to do with a family member?

My dad (65) has been drinking, and most likely an alcoholic, most of his life, with things getting even worse the last few years. Several days ago he went out and got extremely drunk and came home falling down outside, and could barely walk. Driving should've been out the window but he wasn't making good choices obviously (0.28% BAC). So I was really arguing with him about how this is unacceptable, it was mostly a one-way argument from me, which was a mistake because he was in no position to rationalize with. I should also say that he lives in my house as a courtesy. This sort of event has happened several times, each ending with his promise not to do it again. After arguing, he was making statements about hurting himself, several times. Saying just to shoot him, or threatening to do it himself. He has a pistol in his bedroom, so I decided to take this away, just for peace of mind. When I was going to remove it, he attempted to grab it back from me but I just pushed him off to the side, and hid it. This was well beyond anything I've ever experienced with him before, and beyond anything I could handle myself, so I called the police to intervein, and they called first aid. They took him to the hospital as standard procedure, let him sleep it off, then talk to a psychologist (psychiatrist?) in the morning and he was released in the afternoon. Upon release, we talked and I told him he needs to go into treatment or he had to move out. Within 1 hour we had a list of 10 facilities, and the following morning he was making calls and got into one. The following morning he was admitted into detox, and today or tomorrow he will be going into a 21-day rehab facility. He says he wants to be sober, but actions only matter now, not words.
My questions are; what can I do to help him once he returns? how can I be of help? what can I expect?
He belongs to a social club (kinda like Elks, Moose lodges) where all of his friends are so it would be hard to give up all of your friends just because they are at the location where all of the alcohol is. On the other hand, everybody there, including bartenders, administrative people, etc know he is in rehab, is an alcoholic, and know to look out for him, not to serve him, etc. They might be a source of support. He can be there and just drink non-alcoholic beverages if need be, and still socialize. We are also talking about getting some kind of medication (antabuse). Not sure if this is a daily pill, or monthly injection, or how effective it is.
If anybody has any advise, it is welcome. My final option is to remove him from my house/life and let him do whatever he wants, and probably kill himself with alcoholism eventually.
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2021.12.03 13:54 UNCC33 transferring from UNCC to NCSU?

Currently am a sophomore at UNCC with a 3.93 GPA, but want to transfer into NC State so I can be with fam, save $, and commute. I have wanted to go to NCSU my entire life basically (applied in HS, but waitlisted) so going here would fulfill my academic expectations/inspirations, as they have a good program for what I'm majoring in.
I plan on applying for the Fall 2022 semester, so I'll have 68 credits by the time I leave UNCC next semester. My questions are:

  1. If you transferred from another UNC system school, did most/all of your credits transfer?
  2. If you transferred from another UNC system school, what did you have to do before transferring out?
  3. Are my chances of getting in pretty much guaranteed? (3.93 college gpa, 4.1 HS gpa (if that matters))
  4. Is commuting 18 miles a day reasonable to do? (I would say it's around 20-30 minutes commute since I plan on starting my day on campus early)
  5. *Compare UNCC and NCSU campus/classroom life if you know both?
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2021.12.03 13:54 ampithere Blind Guardian - Best Song Survivor

Hey everyone! Today's first song survivor elimination is 'In the Red Dwarf's Tower'
Have fun and vote for your least favourite!
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2021.12.03 13:54 CitizenB33 1, 2, Foxy's Coming For You

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2021.12.03 13:54 narmowen My hatchling banana lemonblast, Noodle.

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2021.12.03 13:54 Dschounesss Reshiram on me add 3556 4768 7338

Reshiram on me add 3556 4768 7338
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2021.12.03 13:54 No_Leave_3974 What If Battle: Beginning of Shippuden Naruto vs Beginning of Shippuden Sasuke

What If Scenario: Naruto — During his training with Jiraiya, Naruto gained all the techniques and experiences he had up until Sage Mode. This includes Sage Mode itself and his proficiency with it is better than Pain Arc but not War Arc level yet.
What If Scenario: Sasuke — During his time with Orochimaru, Sasuke goes through an experience that awakens his MS (up to your imagination) and absorbs Orochimaru earlier. His experience and blindness with MS is Beginning of Kage Summit level.
Location: Same as Shippuden; Orochimaru's Hideout
Extra Conditions: Inactive Kyuubi and No Uchiha Rage Boost. Completely 1v1; Sakura, Sai and Yamato are occupied by Team Taka or this is a solo mission for Naruto or something else that makes sense.
Who would be the victor of this conflict?
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2021.12.03 13:54 HelloImmaTree In-depth character customization is just a waste of time and resources in a video game

Character customization options that allows player to edit some tiny wrinkles or some small facial structure shape down to every single possible detail they could add is just a huge waste of time and development resources.
Most of the time, you can't even see your character's face because: A. You are wearing a helmet in the game B. The game is using a first person camera C. You dont focus on your character but on the gameplay itself
And if the game does show your customize character first like in a cutscene or dialogue, the facial animations are generally janky and awkward.
Video game developers should just focus more of their time on much more important parts of the game instead of wasting it on an in-depth but mostly useless feature.
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2021.12.03 13:54 Clean-Goose-894 Working through Allergy Season

Are there any horticulturists here who have some pretty bad seasonal allergies, even after taking allergy medicine? How do you manage?
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2021.12.03 13:54 Justun-Blacksmiph Blood Stream - she leads an advanced tactical squad commissioned by an intelligence and detaining organization known as T.A.L.O.N

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2021.12.03 13:54 EestiMentioned [/r/interesting] First robot traffic jam recorded in Estonia

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2021.12.03 13:54 JungledyretKayak Is anyone else pained at their heart to see Bingo, sad or hurt. The poor little dear.

I am saddened when bingo becomes saddened or teary eyed, I can't be the only one.
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2021.12.03 13:54 Swhitney16 Armpits, where???

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2021.12.03 13:54 SnackSize_ Why insects are more sensitive than they seem

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2021.12.03 13:54 Fair_Ask670 Nr 5457 - The Police - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da

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2021.12.03 13:54 822elm Headshot Photographer recommendation

Wanted to purchase a Christmas gift of professional head shots for someone and wanted a recommendation for someone/someplace. Thanks!
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2021.12.03 13:54 AjKind999 ❤️🙏

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2021.12.03 13:54 Candyapplecore If You Fund the Research, You Can Shape the World

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2021.12.03 13:54 RustMendes Are bald fades/close-skin fades appropriate in accounting firms/offices?

Just wondering because I'm currently a University student who's going to be interviewing for positions soon and I'm wondering if my haircut is seen as too "juvenile" or unprofessional for an office environment.
It looks something like these pics
https://imgur.com/aTdxabN https://imgur.com/9fdllJ2
I really love having no hair on the sides and back of my head it's just so much more comfortable to me and it looks better so I'm hoping I won't have to grow it out just for an interview.
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2021.12.03 13:54 AtmosphereOk8778 Watch the moment an armed man surrendered, United Nations headquarters i...

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